I don’t even know how to properly give credit in this review. Coming from a girl who has never really been comfortable in her own skin. Who had always been known as the shy/quiet type, and to be able to just let go and be free was so invigorating!!! I can’t even explain into words! I know I am a smaller girl, but my whole life I have had my flaws pointed out to me by others. People would say that I could be smaller, fitter, etc. so I would just cover myself up. My fiancĂ© always called me a “librarian” not to be mean, but because under my loose cardigan and jeans, he knew what I had hiding under there 😉 He wanted to see more of it and wanted me to love it as much as he did. So when I met Autumn at the wedding expo, I knew what would be the perfect wedding gift for him. I was so nervous prior to doing my photo shoot, but the moment I walked through her door, I just seemed to relax. After getting my hair and makeup done (which was so amazing, plus I go to enjoy a glass of champagne while they were pampering me!) it was just Autumn and I. She literally did every pose with me and showed me how amazing the photos were turning out through the whole process! At the end, she was honest with me and originally I was going to wear a body chain with a pair of panties, but she said I should go nude or change into a more solid black pair of panties to draw attention to the chain. I ENDED UP SAYING “SCREW IT” AND WENT BUTT NAKED!!! And honestly, I think those pictures were the best ones I took!!! I can not thank Autumn enough for being the AMAZING person that she is! To be able to make me feel sooo comfortable and sexy in my own skin, it brings me to tears just thinking about it! Thank you!!!


I couldn’t have asked for a better person to make me feel comfortable, relaxed and sexy! You made my experience out of this world!


Autumn is such an amazing photographer. She knows exactly how to capture your inner goddess and make you feel amazing. Comfortable and friendly environment, I would recommend any of my friends to her!

 I was so nervous about my photo shoot with Autumn. Not only because undressing in from of myself is hard but in front of someone who will be taking photos!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! Let me tell you – After hair and make up was complete and I put my first outfit on – I felt more amazing than I had in years!

Autumn broke a barrier for me! During the shoot I was comfortable an had the best time working with her! Once I saw the photos I was AMAZED! I LOVE THEM! This shoot helped me realize how beautiful I am and this shoot helped my self esteem and outlook on Boudoir!

I truly enjoyed working with Autumn for my boudoir pictures! I have always wanted to get them done but have never had the guts. I quickly emailed her before my courage left and then forgot about it. When I got the email back that she would love to photograph me, I became super nervous again. I am not confident in my body, have never modeled before and what the heck was I thinking?! My fiancĂ© was always telling me how beautiful I am, so I figured I would just do it. I am SO glad I did! Starting the photo shoot off by being pampered and having my hair and makeup done, while listening to music and chatting with Autumn and the girls doing my hair and makeup, completely calmed my nerves and made me feel like I was just hanging out with friends. When it came time for pictures… Again Autumn just made me feel completely comfortable! Walked me through each pose and made sure that I felt comfortable with each one. After we were done, I couldn’t wait to see the pictures! When it came time to pick some to take home, I was nervous again! Who wants to look at their own boudoir pictures?? I KNEW I wouldn’t like them! But very much to my surprise, I loved all of them!!! And better than that, my fiancĂ© loved all the ones I picked out! They were supposed to be his wedding gift, but I was too excited! I had to give them to him right away!

I definitely would say that if you are on the fence about getting pictures done… DO IT! You will not regret working with Autumn! The whole experience is something I would love to do again in the future.


  When someone asks me about my boudoir photo shoot experience with Autumn Rudolph I simply say, “She’s a GENIUS!” And honestly that’s an understatement! I was blessed to connect with her through a mutual friend and from the first time Autumn contacted me to talk about the shoot I knew she was someone who isn’t just an amazing photographer, but she also encompasses a genuine heart. We talked about what the shoot meant for me… a single mom of three children, student and starting completely over after separating from my husband, this shoot wasn’t just about taking some pretty pictures…it was about regaining who I am! Taking my independence back and showing that through all the craziness I AM BEAUTIFUL! I AM WORTH IT! Autumn encouraged me to hold on to that strength all the way to the day of the shoot! Her professionalism was beyond measure and most importantly, she made me feel like I mattered to her. The shoot itself was out of sight and when we were done, the feeling of immense confidence surrounded me! I found ME again and I am pretty proud of who I am! Autumn Rudolph, thank you for being a part of the puzzle I am putting together as I move into this new chapter of my life! Thank you for reminding me that I am capable and fierce! Xoxo