My mission as a Tacoma boudoir photographer is to show all women how beautiful they are in this moment right now, to inspire confidence and have each woman shamelessly celebrate her unique beauty through luxury photography that will last for future generations.

A Luxury Boudoir Experience with Autumn L. Rudolph Photography  includes a one on one consultation before your shoot to plan your perfect session from location, to outfits, to hair and makeup, and what you find sexy – we talk about it all. The day of your shoot you’ll receive pampering and relaxation while professional hair and makeup artists help you get glammed up. You’ll also have access to the Client Closet, containing a few lacey lingerie pieces to help take the guess work out of outfit planning. Once hair and makeup is done, you’ll be guided on a 1.5 hour photoshoot where Autumn will pose you from head to toe, while capturing intimate images. The Boudoir Experience takes place at either the downtown Tacoma studio or at an adventurous location of you choice. Following your experience, we’ll meet for a Premiere Ordering Session once your images are ready for viewing. The Boudoir Experience is $300.


Images are purchased separately from the experience. I want to ensure that all of my clients truly love their images and only go home with the ones they really want. Together, we are creating personal, intimate, art. I offer a line of luxury products including Leather Black Books, Fine Art Prints, Gallery Canvases, and Storyboards to feature your amazing photos. For every image that you purchase, you will receive the same images in digital format on a gorgeous crystal flash drive. Too many times has technology changed and digital images are left rotting in a drawer. I want to ensure that whatever artwork my clients go home with, they have something tangible that will last them for the next 50 years. There is a minimum purchase order of $400, but most spend between $800-$1200.

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