Tacoma Boudoir Photographer

I’m Autumn. I’m a wife, dog mom, sister, daughter. I seek adventure in my life. I’ve seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S countless times and can almost quote entire episodes (or sing you any Pheobe song). I’ve been in the Pacific Northwest my entire life, but dream one day I’ll wake up every morning on Maui. In the meantime I really love to travel back and forth as often as possible!

I believe doing a boudoir shoot is one of the biggest steps you can take on a self-love journey. There is something about stripping  down (pun intended) the years of negativity we as women have bestowed upon ourselves, feeling sexy, and gaining a major confidence boost to carry with you in your daily life. Take those images and hang them on a wall. Remind yourself every single day with timeless imagery that you are a vixen.

I’m honored to not only adventure with my clients, but to call them friends as well. I offer a one of kind Tacoma boudoir photography experience unlike any other.

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