I’m Autumn. I’m a wife, dog mom, sister, daughter. I seek adventure in my life. I’ve seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S countless times and can almost quote entire episodes (or sing you any Pheobe song). I’ve been in the Pacific Northwest my entire life, but dream one day I’ll wake up every morning on Maui. In the meantime I really love to travel back and forth as often as possible!

I believe in God and I believe in love. I believe in not discriminating against others. I believe that every woman wants to feel beautiful in their own skin. I believe in mastering my craft and that photos are something to be proudly displayed, not eroding away in a drawer somewhere. I believe travel and experiences educate us in a way that no book, tv show, or movie ever will.

I’m honored to not only adventure with my clients, but to call them friends as well. It’s important to me that whether you’re a couple looking for a wedding photographer, or a woman looking for a boudoir photographer, I offer a one on one experience unlike any other in the area.

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